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A Day in the Life…Alexis Schomer

A Day in the Life… How I Start My Day Each and every day, you are given the opportunity to start fresh, work hard, and accomplish something. I find it thrilling to cross of to-do’s, accomplish small tasks, and contribute to my long-term goals. Because I have an ambitious vision for my future, I make

The Most Exciting Time of Year!

Computer Science Education Week As a high school computer science teacher, I teach computer science everyday so this week isn’t anything different for me. Except, I know that thousands of people around the world are joining me and my students in teaching and learning computer science. Computer Science Education Week is an International Campaign to

#GivingTuesday x ChickTech OC!

For this holiday season, ChickTech OC is taking apart of the #GivingTuesday campaign! What is #GivingTuesday you ask? #GivingTuesday is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving to kick off the season of giving! Through social media, the campaign hopes to encourage community, diversity, and charity. #GivingTuesday harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity

Give the Gift of Diversity these Holidays

There is no doubting that Orange County is a brilliantly eclectic region. With individuals from all walks of life coming together to live, work and study in harmony, ChickTech believed that its mission would be welcomed with open arms here… And we were right! The push for increased gender diversity in the technology sector is

What is ChickTech and What is it doing in Orange County?

ChickTech is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers. With chapters across the nation, ChickTech is working to combat discrimination and stereotypes around women working in STEM industries. We facilitate hands-on technology-centric events and programs to empower, support, and

ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3