Give the Gift of Diversity these Holidays

There is no doubting that Orange County is a brilliantly eclectic region. With individuals from all walks of life coming together to live, work and study in harmony, ChickTech believed that its mission would be welcomed with open arms here… And we were right!

The push for increased gender diversity in the technology sector is undoubtedly a country-wide effort. Milestone after milestone, our chapters around the United States are proving that with the right hands-on opportunities and mentoring, bridging the gender gap in the tech industry is such an achievable aim.

That’s why ChickTech is proud to bring this movement to Orange County, where we know there are countless individuals and businesses who agree on how rewarding and necessary it is to get more women and girls interested in tech. This is why we envision a future in which our local community is flourishing with female leaders who are well-equipped with the necessary confidence, skills and experience to excel in the high-in-demand technology sector.

Every woman and girl in Orange County should be able to enjoy equal access to the opportunities they need in order to pursue a wide range of educational and career pathways in tech, and we plan to make this a reality.

The on-going expansion of career growth and potential in the tech sector is exciting, and ChickTech OC wants to facilitate access to this high-in-demand industry for women and girls through innovative events, programs and campaigns dedicated to female empowerment in tech.

To continue making a difference in our community, and reach these goals faster, ChickTech relies on the generous support of local individuals and companies.

Are you an individual looking to contribute to a cause you are passionate about? Do you work for a business interested in expanding and diversifying its workforce? Are you an educator or leader in the tech industry and looking to make a difference to your sector?

Then ChickTech is a non-profit you can get behind! All community members should feel inspired by and committed to a cause that seeks to preserve and build upon Orange County’s remarkable diversity. In fact, our donations page makes it simple and convenient for you to help bridge the gender diversity gap in Orange County’s tech industry.

As we approach the season of giving, ChickTech encourages you to consider our worthy cause as an organization that will truly help to make Orange County a more diverse and opportune community for all women.

Your contributions, which can be made as either one-off or monthly donations, are allocated to providing the necessary resources ChickTech OC needs to host our programs and events. Beginning at the secondary level, our ChickTech: High School program invites Orange County girls to explore STEM subjects through a variety of hands-on, exciting and engaging opportunities. Our college and career mentoring and networking events ensure that throughout their higher education and vocational experiences in tech, women will always feel as confident and inspired.

Alternatively, we invite you to get in the spirit of gift-giving this year by providing in-kind donations that we can use towards our events. For your convenience, our Amazon Wish List contains a variety of items we have identified as necessary to host ChickTech: High School.

Also, coming soon is ChickTech OC’s Sponsorship Program: An exciting way for businesses to make a difference in their local community, whilst benefitting from an annual and visible partnership with ChickTech.

We are always pleased and honored to have the support of our local community. It affirms for our chapter that Orange County residents are just as dedicated and committed to diversifying the technology industry as we are.

ChickTech OC encourages you to give the gift of diversity these holidays: show your support for our mission and start to make a difference in Orange County today!

Written by Simran Jessel for ChickTech Orange County.


Simran Jessel is the Fundraising Director of ChickTech Orange County. An avid supporter of gender diversity, she brings her personal convictions towards social justice and equality to ChickTech’s Orange County chapter.

ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3