A Day in the Life…Alexis Schomer

A Day in the Life… How I Start My Day

Each and every day, you are given the opportunity to start fresh, work hard, and accomplish something. I find it thrilling to cross of to-do’s, accomplish small tasks, and contribute to my long-term goals. Because I have an ambitious vision for my future, I make sure that I contribute towards that vision every day. I’m going to share with you some exercises, habits, and routines that I’ve developed that help me stay focused as a female entrepreneur.

After about two years of research, reading, and experimenting, I developed a morning routine that works for me. In all honesty, it’s difficult to stick to a morning routine every single morning without fail, especially on those early days when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Regardless of the day or challenge, I go to bed with the intention of waking up and fulfilling my routine. I have a long version and a condensed version depending on how much time I have. I’m going to share with you the components of my routine as well as the importance of each part and its effect on me.

The first component is meditation. I meditate as soon as I wake up to start the day with a clear mind and ensure that I accomplish this daily goal. Mediation is a great way to practice being mindful and it is important because it reduces stress and helps keep thoughts grounded. It also is a great exercise that helps stay focused on daily tasks because of the emphasis on being present.

The next two components are affirmations and visualizations. Affirmations are positive statements that you write down or say out loud to remind yourself of your strengths and motivate yourself to be the ideal you. These should be created by you, for you, and not copied from someone else. Visualizations are taking a moment to visualize accomplishing your goals, each and every one of them. You should imagine yourself in that moment, absorbing in the glory of finally achieving that long-term goal. Next, you should also visualize the path to get there, the hard work it will take, and the routine you need to set in order to achieve that goal. Both of these exercises help me stay motivated, reinforce my ability to accomplish any goal, and remind me of what I’m working towards every day.

Another component of my routine is journaling and writing daily goals and tasks. I like to break my to-do’s down into morning goals, afternoon goals, and evening goals (this is separate from my calendar/planner and relates specifically to tasks I want to accomplish). I enjoy reviewing this list in the evening and crossing off accomplished goals. I also take the time to “brain dump” in a journal. Usually this takes about 5 minutes or so and the task is to write about anything that comes to mind. I generally pick a topic and give my two cents on paper. During my morning routine, I eliminate technology and use hard copies of materials to read and write.

Finally, I read. I aim for just 10 minutes of reading. This is important to me because reading is part of learning and I am a strong believer in learning something new every day. I find it relaxing to read and educational as well. I mainly read self-help books that interest me or pertain to my goals. One in particular that helped me formulate my morning routing is a book by Hal Elron called “The Miracle Morning”.

I end my routine by making my bed. Although a small task, it’s the first thing you can accomplish each and every day. I also find it rewarding to come home to a neat and tidy room. This task enforces discipline and I find it important to remain disciplined, especially on the days when you feel unmotivated.

I prioritize a full and healthy breakfast in the morning as well, immediately after my routine. I take the time to cook eggs, even on rushed mornings, because I not only understand the importance of a nutritious breakfast, but I’m also pretty hungry when I wake up. I also pack healthy snacks and lunch for later in the day.

My days are always different. As an entrepreneur, I have to be flexible between working on my company, attending meetings, speaking at events, participating in exhibitions, and much more. On a typical day, I will meet up with my business partner and work for 8-10 hours, then go home and continue working. Work is never the same and that is what I enjoy about being an entrepreneur.

At night, I have a short routine to get me ready for the next day. I review my goals, assess what I’ve accomplished, and write down any tasks or review my calendar for the following day. I prepare any necessary materials or make notes of last minute items to handle in the morning. Doing this the night before allows me to wake up in a much calmer manner because I know I’ve already thought about my responsibilities for the day.

This is my typical day. I cannot say I always have days like this and I will admit, I’ve definitely skipped my morning routine from time to time. But in reflection, I always have a better day and feel more accomplished when I stick to my routine. I encourage you to find a routine that works for you in order to get you out of bed, motivate you for the day, reinforce your self-esteem, and create structure that allows you to organize your thoughts and achieve your goals more efficiently.

Alexis Schomer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems through innovation. One of her current startups is 360corporatewellness, a marketplace for corporate wellness vendors and businesses to connect. Alexis began her first company in college after winningStartup Weekend, a 54-hour competition where teams develop and pitch a business idea. Ever since, she has been in love with strategically solving problems and exploring the uses of technology within these solutions.


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