A Day in the Life … Priya Ramakrishnan

I was born and brought up in Chennai, India. Chennai is one of the metropolitan coastal cities in the south of India. It has a tropical climate. I did my schooling and under graduation there. Computers fascinated me from school. Thus, earned my bachelor’s in computer science engineering. I worked in multiple fortune 500 software companies. I work at First American Financial as a Senior Software Engineer. My typical day would be spent in writing code, attending meetings, architectural discussions, doing peer reviews and learning the latest trends in technology. In my free time, when not volunteering, I travel or paint(beginner) or do some gardening or make DIY recipes to prevent plastic pollution.

I started contributing to social causes during my first job. At that time, I used to contribute financially to the non-profits in my hometown. Then, when I moved to the States, I wanted to contribute through volunteering. Thus, I registered in VolunteerMatch and was contacted by Hanh Luong. I was excited when I learned about ChickTech. I wanted to involve myself in the journey of bringing more women and girls into STEM careers. As a developer, the women in every team, I worked in, was significantly lesser than the men. In ChickTech, I have enjoyed mentoring, fundraising and marketing. Volunteering gave me a great opportunity to try the roles I have never tried before.

I have worked in agile based dynamic teams in all my jobs. As I navigated through different companies, I learned different technologies and work culture. I would love to develop applications which are not only making rich people richer but also is helping people’s lives. I would like to analyze big data and learn insights and change flight, driving, eating-out or medical treatment experiences, etc… for the future us. This is my short-term goal.

My advice to young girls would be to take up technological careers for carving a better life for them and for those around them. Also, this career is very demanding and challenging, so come in with a great passion to emerge out with flying colors.

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